Electric Police Cars in Luxembourg

Posted January 24, 2018 by iCompare

That’s right, Luxembourg is going to be the first European country to operate Tesla’s fantastic model S as police patrol cars around the Grand Duchy in 2018.

With a range of 539 km, the Model S is well equipped to patrol the country’s 57km width and 81 km length on a single charge. Also thanks to its blistering performance it is going to be able to respond even quicker then the current cars used by Luxembourg’s police force.

Luxembourg’s police took delivery of 2 model S in September and have been modifying them to comply with their requirements. Regulators have not yet to approved the vehicles with changes needed to the light systems and high-speed tests which are due to be performed at a test track in Germany soon.

Look out for the iconic orange bumpered police cars on the roads over the coming months.

[Photo: Trollfaceinator via Imgur]