Get a car excess insurance for car rentals

Posted November 25, 2017 by iCompare

On a nice summer afternoon, we landed at an airport in Greece. We quickly made our way to the car lease office, we had previously booked a car for a week. in our contract, we had agreed an excess which we will have to pay should there be any accidents with the car. We had a spledid time in the town of thessaloniki, having long walks on the coast, easting fresh delicious meal, the weather was about 25 degrees. The people are so kind and amazing, they always offer you a bottle of water before placing your orders, which we found quite remarkable. 

Our stay way like a dream, everything went trembously well as planned and we made new friends. However, this joy came to an abrupt end when we returned the car, we were charges over EUR300 for defleated tires and a scratch which we had miss during the initial handover, we insisted that we were not informed that we have to check the tire pressure before returning the car and we were unsure of the scratch close to the left tire. This ultracations carried on for alittle over 45mins, we were bent on not paying the amount as the situation possess a decline in customer service. At this point, the flight time was getting closer and we decided to cut our losses and made our way to the airport.

Shortly after our return, we discovered that there is a type of car insurance that covers excess on a lease car. It came rather too later at this instance but we have always used it for future travels. its a very simple process, we made a request to insure our excess during our holiday, we gave the insurer information about the car and they offered us cover for a little premium. If we find ourselves in the same situation again in the future, we do not have to worry, the insurance company takes over communication with the lease company and finalize the payment. We have finally found a way to be at peace while on holiday. Check our car lease excess in the car insurance sector, we recommend that you protect yourself before a situation like ours ruins your family holiday.

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