How do i control my car when it skids?

Posted October 22, 2017 by iCompare

Imagine you're driving in the rain or snow and the road is becoming increasingly slippery. Suddenly, the door of a parked vehicle opens. You need to act fast!

You try to veer to the right to avoid this, but your car goes into a terrifying skid. Scary isn't it? Espicially when the skid lasts only a few seconds.... you shout, let go of the wheel, cover your eyes and wait for it to be over, while everything is moving in fast motion. You can also the opposite and do eveything in your power to stop it. 

If this has alreaady happened to you, you'll no doubt agree that it takes time to get over the fright. You want to act fast and in a useful way so as not to crash.




Controlling your car takes courage and good reactions. To stay in control:

  1. Don't look at the door which is opening but at the space next to it. The old saying goes: You'll end up where you look!
  3. Turn your wheel away (15% to 20%) slightly. You've missed the door but the manoeuvre isn't over yet ( that would be too easy). Your'e still at risk on the wrong side of the road. You need to turn in the opposite direction and quickly! If you turn the wheel more, the suden move will risk sending you into a skid or crashing into the other side. 
  5. You need to focus on a point in the distance which will allow you follow the correct line and return to the right position. Don't be distracted by your close surroundings.
  7. If your vehicle is fiitted with an ABS system, when you brake, don't ease off the pressure, the ABS will make sure you don't lock the brakes. 


We hope you'ill manage this, but if not don't fear as there'll be no problem if you have good insurance cover. Drive with Baloise may be useful for you in these moments. 


Happy driving and stay safe!

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