How to travel with your dog

Posted November 11, 2018 by iCompare

Driving with your dog isn't always a safe story. In case of collision, your dog could lose its life or could become a potential projectile and harm you and your family. 

For instance: imagine your travelling with your dog and you're driving 50km/h. You suddenly crash and your dog who normally weighs 10 kg now weights 25 kg. In conclusion, your dog could potentially kill you.....


3 ways to protect yourself 

  • Cages - No matter how big or small your dog is, you'll always find a cage that can fit into. Place the cage in front of a seat or put it in the trunk.
  • Gate or Security Net - Install a gate or a security net at the back of your car, it could save you and your dog in case of a crash.
  • Harness or Security Belt - Buy a security belt or harness that attaches your dog to the car's seatbelt. However make sure the harness is attached to both sides of the strap.

Regulations for travelling with a dog

Be aware that if you're travelling with your dog, you must bring his European passport which contains information about the dog and it's vaccinations. This passport should be distributed by your dogs' vet.

The European Union also demands identification per electronic chip. However a tattoo, made before July 3rd 2011, is tolerated. 

To avoid any problems with your dog at the border, make sure that your dog:

  • is older than 3 months
  • has a European passport containing the anti-rabies certificate
  • is wearing an electronic chip

Attention, the rabies vaccination must be given 21 days minimum and 1 year maximum before your departure. 

Precautions for the safety of your dog

Don't let your dog dehydrate during the car ride! Frequently take brakes so you can give him some water and take him for a little walk.

Never let your dog alone in the car, espicially during hot weather conditions.

Be aware that your dog is not used to constant climate change. Don't let him get too hot, nor too cold. Note the air conditioning in the car could make your dog ill. The smaller, the more fragile. 


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