Insurance for young drivers

Posted October 28, 2018 by iCompare

It is well known that young drivers spend a lot of money on car insurances. Here are some tricks for you to insure yourself better for a lower price.

How to insure yourself as a young driver

You will need these documents to insure yourself:
  • Your driving licence: it tells us when you got it which is an essential factor to calculate your care insurance premium.
  • Your grey card: it contains information about the technical elements of your car: brand, model, version, performance etc. 
  • Bonus/Malus certificate: this legal document contains information about your previous insurances and accident rates.

How to pay less for insurances

Your car has a huge impact on the price of your car insurance:
  • Your car engine: the more power your car has, the likelier you will have an accident or crash. Invest in a car with less performance, it's cheaper.
  • Diesel cars are more expensive because it is more expensive to replace their parts than to replace the parts of a car that runs on petrol. In addition, thieves prefer diesel cars so as a result your insurance will cost more because the odds of your car getting stolen are higher. These factors can make a difference in price from up to 15% !
  • The cars' price: the more expensive the car is, the more the insurance will cost.
  • Supervised driving: If your parents have supervised you driving before you obtained your driving licence, then the cost of the car insurance is less because you have more experience.

Start comparing!

Start comparing the prices of different insurance companies. Look at their different offers and prices and chose the one that suits you best.

Evidentially, you will contact your parents' insurer and hope you can benefit from any discounts.

However playing with insurers and threatening them to go to competitors can give you an even bigger discount. The insurers will try to negotiate and lower their prices to make it more interesting for you.

Subscribe to a minimal tariff

Being young, you probably think that a civil liability is sufficient. However to protect yourself from any physical accidents, we recommend you subscribe for the Driver's personal Guarantee with a compensation cap.

Don't report all damages

Personally caused damages have a big impact on your Bonus/Malus and as a result your insurance costs will rise. So don't report every little scratch or dent.